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Digital Receiver Board Boasts Dual-Channel Digital Downconverter

The latest member of the GateFlow installed-core products from Pentek Inc., the Model 6821-422, is based on the Model 6821 215-MHz analog-to-digital converter VME with dual Virtex-II Pro FPGAs. The board includes a factory-installed wideband digital downconverter (DDC) IP core, a highly optimized dual-channel version of Pentek's GateFlow IP Core 422 tailored to the resources of the board. The result is a complete, preconfigured digital software radio subsystem that accepts a front-panel analog RF input and delivers real or complex digital output samples translated to baseband from any frequency slice of the input signal.

The Model 6821-422 is particularly well-suited for applications like wideband recording and systems, real-time DSP and software radio systems, and data-acquisition for wideband communication signals used in telemetry and SATCOM. Radar-pulse and beam-forming applications benefit from the board's many gate, trigger, and multi-channel synchronization modes. The module is supported by Pentek's C-callable ReadyFlow Board Support Libraries. ReadyFlow provides development tools for quick startup through application completion.

Prices for the Model 6821-422 module start at $17,495. Delivery is 10 weeks after receipt of an order. Because the GateFlow cores are factory-installed, there are no licensing fees or project-use restrictions. For more information, go to www.pentek.com.

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