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Digital Receiver Board For VMEbus Offers 16 Channels

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Sampling rates of up to 62.5 MHz with 16-bit accuracy is provide by the Model 6256 RACEway digital receiver board for VMEbus systems. The board is said to provide a high-speed data channel that's independent of VMEbus transfers. The RACEway communication fabric can span up to 20 VMEbus slots, provide simultaneous data paths, and support an aggregate data transfer rate of over 1 GB/s.The board is a 16-channel, 2-input, narrow-band digital receiver that's suited for use in software radio systems for high-density, DSP-intensive applications such as beamforming, signal tracking, and mobile communication. It features a RACEway interface for output data and several on-board control sections for support of input switching, multiple board synchronization, and time-code stamping of data. The single-slot, 6U board has front-panel connections for input clock, data and sync signals. It includes a 32-bit VMEbus slave interface.

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