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Digital Video Processor Accommodates Flat-Screen TV

The Dreama 2 digital video processor, the latest addition to the company’s family of television ICs, digitizes and processes video, chroma and deflection and also boasts of a microcontroller in the same package. The digital video processor employs special functions for NTSC flat-screen TVs, such as embedded circuitry to correct east-west screen distortion and to adjust screen image outlines using velocity modulation. The device also provides a three-line, two-dimensional comb filter for Y/C separation to reduce noise levels. And four ASIC blocks are integrated for front-end analog, video and chroma, deflection, and back-end analog functions. Users can input composite video signals, S-video signals, and component video signals. The eight-bit microcontroller core extends on-board memory capacity to 60 KB of ROM, 2 KB of RAM, and 64 bytes of ROM correction memory, as well as providing on-screen display, closed caption decoding, and half-tone display functions. Additional features include five input analog switches, an embedded black expander circuit, and a luminance noise reducer. Available in an 80-pin QFP, the chip costs $25 each in sample quantities. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS USA, INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 730-5900.


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