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Digitizers Fortify Popular Spectrum Analyzers

Designed for the 6.7 GHz, 13.2 GHz, and 26.5 GHz PSA series spectrum analyzers, option 140 debuts as the industry's first 40-MHz digitizer with a 14-bit resolution and a 78 dB dynamic range. Additionally, the option 122 14-bit, 80-MHz digitizer is now available for the lower-frequency, 6.7 GHz and 13.2 GHz PSA models. Both digitizers deliver a sampling rate of 200 Msamples/s and rely on advanced digital IF technology to capture and preserve instantaneous phase and amplitude relationships. Other shared features include a 78 dB distortion-free and 76 dB image-free dynamic range, on-board digital signal processing, residual error vector magnitude of 0.3% to 2%, and 512 MB of deep memory capture with record and playback capabilities. Prices for 40-MHz and 80-MHz digitizers are $27,567 and $32,672, respectively. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 829 4444, item number 8004.


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