Electronic Design


DRAM chip density continues to climb. But the hunger for more memory seems insatiable, especially with virtual systems running on multicore processors. One way to get more memory in a system is to support more memory sockets, though this requires more motherboard space and more drivers. Another is to use higher-density chips, yet this can be more costly.

MetaRAM puts a DDR3 cont rol ler between the memory socket and memor y chips (see the figure). This allows a reduction of memory loads because the controller presents one load while handling multiple SDRAM chips. It also permits the creation of higher-density dualinline memory modules (DIMMs) using lowerdensity memory chips.

And, it’s possible to build a bigger DIMM, essentially doubling the capacity, using existing memory chips. The approach is applicable regardless of the memory chip capacity. Using higher-density chips simply increases the capacity of the resulting DIMM. The controllers support x4 and x8 DIMM interfaces.


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