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DIN 41612 Connectors Accommodate Small PC-Boards

The 3B and 3C DIN 41612 connectors target small pc-boards where space is restricted. The 3B and 3C components feature 20 or 30 pins based on 0.1-in. (2.54-mm) contact spacing and can handle 2 A per contact. Both the male and female connectors can be ordered with or without a fixing flange, which further decreases the required space. The connectors are available for press-in termination, wave soldering and Surface Mount Compatible (SMC) processes. The SMC versions incorporate high-temperature material, which makes them well-suited for reflow soldering. In addition to the standard versions, the company can fill orders for customer-specific assemblies. HARTING NORTH AMERICAN, Elgin, IL. (847) 741-1500.


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