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Discrete LEDs’ Large Lenses Provide Better Viewing

The Series L806T 20-mm Big Dome discrete LEDs feature six SMT LED diode chips arranged in a on a pc board. Larger-than-normal lenses facilitate viewing and light dispersion. The LEDs are excellent solutions for large dot-matrix displays, full-color screens, moving signs, utility monitoring boards, industrial control equipment, dot-matrix clocks, soft-glow nightlights, and subdued landscape lighting.

The discrete LED lamps are constructed of tough plastic that holds up to the rigors of indoor and outdoor environments. The domed lens is 0.543 in. high at its apex. Its diameter is 0.898 in. The LEDs are compatible with 12-pin dip sockets. The L806T LEDs are available in Super Intensity and Standard Intensity versions. The Super Intensity LEDs are sunlight-visible and come with diffused lenses. Available colors include super red (630 nm), super orange (611 nm), super yellow (595 nm), super green (574 nm), aqua green (525 nm), blue green (505 nm), and super blue (470 nm). The Standard Intensity LEDs feature clear lenses and are available in high-efficiency red (635 nm), yellow (585 nm), and high-efficiency green (568 nm).

The L806T discrete LEDs cost from $2.47 to $6.96 each in quantities of 100 or more.

LEDtronics Inc.
(800) 579-4875; www.ledtronics.com

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