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Display Platform Brings Sideshow To Notebooks

Capable of seamlessly integrating with the SideShow feature in Windows Vista, the Preface display platform gives notebook users instant access to data, music, and photos without opening the PC, booting it and loading a media application. Pairing Preface and SlideShow enables a second user interface and a set of applications that link to the programs and data on the main system. This interface is always on, providing access to content, i.e., e-mail, contacts, and other digital media. It employs a secondary subsystem that includes a processor, second display, and user controls, installed in various locations including the notebook cover. Platform features include a PP5024 processor with dual ARM7 cores in a parallel architecture and power-optimized firmware. A firmware development kit is available that supports multiple music formats, digital rights management technologies, and multimedia codecs. Reference boards are priced at $2,250, and pricing for the PP5024 is $12 each/10,000. PortalPlayer Inc., San Jose, CA. (408) 521-7000.

Company: PortalPlayer Inc.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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