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Display Suits 1U High Rack Server Apps

product pic

Targeted at 1U high rack-server applications, the LM4051 graphics display features a resolution of 122 pixels x 32 pixels tall, with an active area of 52 mm x 14 mm. With an overall size of just 77.2 mm x 31.75 mm, the module is the optimum size for an open 5 1/4" drive bay on a dedicated server or 1U rack-mounted network appliance.
Designed to address the needs of dedicated file servers, web servers and other network appliances, the module features a standard operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C, optional LED backlight in a choice of colors, and on-board negative voltage generation. The compact module is priced starting at $25 each/1,000. Delivery is from stock to 10 weeks ARO.

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