Electronic Design

Display: Viewsonic VX924 19-inch LCD

Hey. It is a display. Just plug it in and it works. Boy does it work.

Viewsonic’s 19-inch VX924 LCD display is stylish and brilliant. It pushes the envelope in performance and is the ideal match for a high-performance video board like the 7800GTX. Without this kind of performance the video card loses much of its viewing flair to lost clarity.

The display uses XtremeView technology to deliver a 160° viewing angle. The display supports resolutions up to 1280x1024. It can deliver up to 125 frames/s. It accepts digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) signals. The former is used with the 7800GTX. Viewsonic’s ClearMotiv technology delivers 3-ms video response time. It is suitable for digital HD broadcast-quality full-motion video. The display has ultra-high brightness (270-nit brightness) contrast (550:1 contrast ratio) for rich, detailed images.

Physical design shows elegance as well. There are two flip-up panels on the back that reveal the connectors and cable routing channels (see the figure). This brings the cables directly out the rear instead of dangling down like many displays require. If the rear of the unit is near the edge of the table or next to the cable hole in the table then you will never see the cables. All cables are included.

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