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DLP Designs will be at booth 2428 at ESC. Click here to check out their FPGA and microchip development platforms I’ve already reviewed as well as some new RFID and RF transceiver designs.

DLP Design’s portable (3.3- by 2.3- by 0.8-inches) DLP-RFID-UHF1 RFID reader/writer is based on the new AS3990 integrated analog front-end and data-framing system from Austria Microsystems.

The DLP-RFID-UHF1 features a USB interface and implements a fully ISO 18000-6a/6b/6c-compliant EPC Class 1- Gen2 reader with all operational power taken from the host USB interface port. It has an integrated antenna that is perfect for desktop applications. The module can be embedded within custom applications and communicate via a 5-pin header.

The DLP-RF900 900MHz RF transceiver module is based on the OpenRF platform. The transceiver combines 250-mW transmit power with -102-dB receive sensitivity for a total link budget of 125 dB. It communicates at 38.4K and 73.8K bits per second via frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. The module has an integrated antenna that be easily removed from the board so that a SMA connector can be installed to accommodate an external antenna. A development kit will be available that demonstrates wireless connectivity to RFID, Ethernet, voice intercom, and temperature-acquisition technologies.

The DLP-RF900 takes full advantage of the OpenRF platform running on a Renesas microcontroller and Semtech XE1203F UHF transceiver. Supported topologies include mesh (with battery-powered routing and up to 4 billion nodes), star and point-to-point. Running on the Renesas H8/38076 microcontroller, less than 16K of the available 48K of FLASH program memory is required by the protocol stack.

The OpenRF firmware is offered under an open-use license for application with any product at no charge

DLP Design

RF Troubleshooter

Austria Microsystems

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