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DOS Controller Links With I/O Board

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Coupled with the Multi-I/O peripheral board, Flashlite 386Ex Embedded DOS controller is a cost-effective solution for embedded control, data gathering and monitoring functions. With up to eight channels of 12-bit ADC, four channels of 12-bit ADC, eight 1A relay drivers, and two high-speed UARTs per board andas many as eight boards per system, the Multi-I/O board is a compact data gathering solution. The 386Ex controller offers two PC-compatible serial ports, PC-compatible counter/timers, interrupt controller, 30 digital I/O points and development in a DOS environment. A driver library callable from C++ or Quickbasic and source code examples are available free of charge at the firm's web site. Drivers for LCDs and matrix keypads are also available. Also compatible with this resource is the firm's FlashTCP Ethernet controller and TCP/IP stack. Flashlite 386Ex comes with 512KB of flash and 256kbyte of RAM, two serial ports, 30 digital I/O points, a Multi-I/O board with four A/D channels, two D/A channels and four 1A relay drivers with cables; Development kit comes with power supply, host serial cable, interface connector kit, and software drivers and utilities.

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