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Dot Matrix Display Features Over 1 Billion Colors

Rohm’s newest 16-by-32 dot matrix display uses potting lens technology for significantly improved contrast and viewing angle. In addition, it integrates color-correction ICs, resulting in full-color display (over 1 billion colors) with 1024 gradation steps for each color and no color fluctuation. Dot size is φ2.8.

The display uses a 1/8-duty dynamic scan method. A brightness adjustment circuit is built in, making it possible to fine-tune the brightness of the entire panel.

The LPM5123BMUA61M display measures 96 mm by 192 mm (see the photo). It’s well suited for any applications requiring numeric, alphabetical, symbolic, and/or graphic display, such as message boards, video screens and public information displays.

Pricing is $485 each (minimum purchase is 10 pieces). Lead time is 12-14 weeks ARO.

Rohm Electronics

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