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DPDT Power Relays Mount On Panels Or PC Boards

Capable of being mounted on either panels or printed circuit boards, the AZ2800 (see photo, at left) and AZ2850 (see photo, at right) relays are 30A, two-pole units. They're offered in double-pole, single-throw (normally open) or double-pole, double-throw configurations with ac or dc coils. Other specifications include over 8 mm of creepage and 4 kV of dielectric strength for European applications. They also meet the spacing requirements of UL 873 and UL 508. A Class F (155°C) insulation system is supplied as standard. An epoxy-sealed version is also available.Both units are rated for maximum switching capacities of 560W or 8310 VA (resistive load). Maximum switched voltage is 400 vac or 30 vdc. Applications for the power relays are found in HVAC systems, spa controls and white goods. Sample quantities are available now with production orders shipping in eight to 10 weeks.


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