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DSA Delivers Direct Temperature Measurements

Addressing what’s considered a critical part of many vibration analysis and monitoring applications, the USB-based 655u dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) provides both temperature and voltage input channels. It is the first DSA in the 600 Series to offer direct temperature measurements, featuring five temperature inputs plus 10 voltage or direct integrated electronic piezoelectric input channels. The unit is compatible with most thermocouple types and RTDs and offers open thermocouple detection. Accepting a ±40V input range, it accommodates a variety of analog-input types including accelerometer, velomiter, proximity, microphones, tachometers, or other voltage inputs. Signal connections are via front-panel BNC connectors for each of the 10 analog inputs while screw-terminal connectors are on board for temperature inputs as well as eight digital I/O channels. Price for the 655u is $10,999 per unit. IOTECH, Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4093.

Company: IOTECH

Product URL: Click here for more information

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