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DSC Board Interfaces Directly To Transducer

The single-channel Model 4331 digital-signal conditioner (DSC) board connects directly to a standard ac linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) transducer and simultaneously generates serial and ±10V analog outputs. Providing a complete LVDT-to-PC solution, the board is suitable for transducer conditioning and distributed process measurements. It operates with a computer or can be setup via computer and then deployed as a stand-alone LVDT DSC with an analog output. Features include storage for up to three calibrated LVDT’s each with integral 6-point calibration, a multi-drop RS-232/485 serial port, solid-state relay switches, multi-point and mV/V calibration, the ability to locate LVDT core null position, internal generation of sine wave ac excitation voltages, remote sense excitation, and a 24-bit resolution. ELECTRO STANDARDS LABORATORIES, Cranston, RI. (877) 943-1164.


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