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DSC Development Kits Jumpstart Digital Power Designs

Promising to accelerate 32-bit, digital power and embedded control designs, the company offers five experimenter and application-specific development kits for its TMS320F28x digital-signal controllers (DSCs). The modular kits enable rapid prototyping of DSC-based communications infrastructure, industrial, and consumer applications via interchangeable processor card modules or controlCARDs, experimenter kits with breadboard areas for access to device signals, and application-specific dc/dc and ac/dc digital-power kits. Each kit includes code examples and hardware design details along with Code Composer Studio 32-KB limited integrated development environment. The Digital Power Experimenter’s Kit will be free to attendees of the company's one-day digital power workshops being held worldwide now. Available now, prices for the F2808 based controlCARD, C2000 Experimenter’s Kit with F2808 controlCARD, and C2000 DC/DC Experimenter Kit with the F2808 controlCARD are $59, $89, and $229, respectively. Available in July, prices for the DC/DC and AC/DC Developer’s Kits are $325 and $695, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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