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DSO App Requires No Programming

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In its latest version, VisualSCOPE digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) software captures and analyzes waveforms and transfers data to Windows applications with as few as three mouse clicks and requires no programming. Used with one of the company's data acquisition boards and DriverLINX software, the application produces displays that are said to be the same as those of a standard bench-top oscilloscope. Features include support for 14 automatic, real-time waveform measurements and a signal calculator for waveform mathematics. Global settings, such as threshold references for pulse duration and time base, provide the flexibility to tailor measurements to individual needs. Presentation formats include period, frequency, width of positive and negative pulse, rise and fall time of edge, and duty cycle. The application comes bundled with the company's data acquisition boards or it can be downloaded for free from the company's web site.

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