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DSO Combines Long Memory With Fast Waveform Analysis

The Model 8500 WaveMaster digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) features a 5-GHz bandwidth and a 10-Gsample/s digitizing rate on each of four channels (20 Gsamples/s on two channels). Standard memory is 500 kpoints/channel.

But beyond its banner specs, the WaveMaster is built on a new patent-pending architecture called X-Stream that eliminates the tradeoffs between long record lengths and fast signal-analysis processing.

X-Stream streams the acquired data to very fast proprietary CMOS memory chips that can accept the 10-Gbyte/s rate. The acquisition memory packetizes the data and transfers it to cache memory on the CPU board. Instructions and calculations can be performed 10 times faster using the cache rather than RAM, according to LeCroy.

The scope's software architecture lets users seamlessly add custom parameter measurements and waveform math functions into the processing chain. A software option, the Master Analysis Package (XMAP), expands the basic FFT function to accommodate all acquired points and provides averaging in the frequency domain. It also enables measurement of spectral power density, real and imaginary components, and frequency-domain parameters.

LeCroy offers a range of passive and active probes. A new passive model, the PP066, has a 7.5-GHz bandwidth and capacitive loading of only 0.25 pF.

The Model 8500 with 500-kpoint/channel memory (1 Mpoint/channel on two channels) costs $54,990. Memory options from 4 to 48 Mpoints/channel range from $4990 to $19,990. The XMAP software costs $4995. The PP066 is $995. Delivery is six to eight weeks.

LeCroy Corp., (800) 453-2769; www.lecroy.com.

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