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DSP App Is Also A Multitasking Network Host Server

Created for the design of multiprocessor embedded DSP networks, Virtuoso 4.2 integrated development environment (IDE) includes Virtuoso 4.2 RTOS, a project manager, plug-ins to Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio and ADI's Visual DSP, and a suite of graphical analysis and debugging tools. Virtuoso 4.2 IDE also includes a multi-threaded asynchronous network host server.
The RTOS offers a single processor programming style for multiprocessor systems, both CSP channel and multithreading multitasking capabilities, static memory allocation, target channels, and distributed, shared or pooled memory architectures. The IDE supports Jovian's Pegasus graphical DSP development environment, virtually all customer-off-the-shelf (COTS) boards, high performance processor cores, and discrete DSPs. Price is $10,000 for single processor targets and $20,000 for virtual single processor support for multiprocessor systems.

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