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DSP Board First To Enlist Core i7-610E Processor

DSP Board First To Enlist Core i7-610E Processor

The CHAMP-AV5 is the company’s first high-performance 6U VME64x DSP engine utilizing the latest dual-core Intel Core i7-610E processor. Supporting a pair of 2.53-GHz dual-core Core i7 processors, the CHAMP-AV5 delivers performance up to 81 GFLOPs. With its 17-GB/s DDR3 memory subsystem connected directly to the processor, the Core i7 is able to maximize the throughput of its SSE 4.2 vector processing units. Additionally, the CHAMP-AV5 is pin-compatible with the CHAMP-AV4, enabling performance upgrades without changing the chassis, backplane, or power supplies of existing systems. Pricing for the CHAMP-AV5 starts at $14,500. CURTISS-WRIGHT CONTROLS EMBEDDED COMPUTING, Leesburg, VA. (703) 779-7800.
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