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DSP Board Offers Attractive Price-To-Performance Ratio

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Promising low cost matched with high performance, the micro-line C6712CPU embedded DSP board combines a TMS320C6712 DSP processorÑdelivering up to 600 MFLOPS at 100 MHzÑwith up to 32 MB of external SDRAM and 512 KB of flash ROM. The board, which measures 98 mm x 67 mm, also affords access to two TMS320C6000 McBSP ports, a programmable digital I/O interface, and a flash file system that allows users to store and handle application programs via RS232. Several off-the-shelf peripheral options are available such as data acquisition and 1394 communications. The board supports up to seven peripherals in a micro-line stackÑmounted vertically as a single stack or with one board on top of the otherÑcontrolled and accessed by the DSP. Users have the option of mounting the C6712CPU and interface boards onto hardware of their own design or onto optionally available power supply and carrier boards. Prices start at $306 each/500. TRAQUAIR DATA SYSTEMS INC., Ithaca, NY. (607) 266-6000.

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