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DSP Boards Aim At Vertical Applications

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Three DSP boards, each of which is based on Texas Instruments' C6000 DSPs, are tuned to meet the requirements of specific vertical market applications. The VME/C6450 is targeted at multiprocessor applications found in defense and high-end image processing. The VME/C6320 offers scalability and high-bandwidth data throughput that's essential in wireless communication and surveillance applications. And for channelized wireline communication applications, the cost-effective VME/C6400 is available.The family's flagship, the VME/C6450, provides up to 4 GFLOPS and 6400 MIPS from four TMS320C6000 DSPs, combining the interprocessor bandwidth and flexibility demanded by array-processing applications such as radar and sonar. A multiport crossbar switch gives up to four concurrent links that results in a maximum simultaneous transfer rate of over 1 GB/s.

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