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DSP Card Eyes Telecomm Voice Processing

Designed specifically for telecommunications voice processing, the CHAMP-AV Linux-based DSP board can process over 1000 broadband-integrated voice and data channels in a single 6U cPCI slot. Using Motorola's PowerPC AltiVec RISC microprocessor and the SMP real-time extensions from the Linux operating system, the board delivers up to 26,000 MIPS of processing power.
The board's architecture provides for the creation of systems based on two scalable, redundant signal processing elements (SPEs), with each SPE containing two PowerPCs running at 450 to 600 MHz. Each SPE also has a 10/100 BaseT interface and all of the resources required to send, receive and process voice and data channels. Pricing starts at $18,900 with delivery times of six to eight weeks ARO.

Company: IXTHOS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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