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DSP DAQ Board Provides PC Closed-Loop Control

With its dedicated floating-point TMS3206711 DSP chip (made by Texas Instruments), the DT9842 high-speed data-acquisition (DAQ) board transforms a PC into a real-time closed-loop platform for test and control applications. This part of Data Translation's DSP Fulcrum II series of DAQ boards also overcomes the latency issue of Windows-based PCs.

The board simultaneously acquires and controls eight analog inputs and eight analog outputs in 10 µs. With sampling rates up to 100 kHz, 16-bit accuracy, and uninterrupted data transfer, it satisfies many real-time operations in industrial inspection and environmental control applications.

The 6U board has standard connections for analog I/Os, trigger, and clock. Up to eight boards can be added via a low-voltage differential-signaling communications port to expand the channel count up to 64. The board's Sleek Box version includes a board in a CE-compliant box with standard connectors, a USB 2.0 cable, a power supply, and a fan.

The DT9842's software-programmable DSP chip provides a choice of code-based programming using TI Code Composer and Microsoft Studio. A JTAG emulator or RS232 serial device enables easy debugging.

The DT9842 is available in its /2 and /8 models with two and eight analog input channels, respectively. Available now, they start at $4535. Each board comes with two memory configurations: 128 Mbytes of SRAM or 2 Mbytes of flash memory with 64 Mbytes of SRAM.

Data Translation Inc.

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