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DSP Design Platform For FPGAs Sports JTAG Link

Designers looking to reduce overall simulation time when using the MathWorks' Simulink can opt for the latest version of System Generator for DSP (v6.1). This latest generation from Xilinx lets DSP designers link their custom boards via a generic JTAG interface.

Thanks to easy access to Xilinx's ChipScope Pro tool, it's also possible to perform real-time signal capture for debugging at system speeds. An upcoming enhanced version of the company's Xtreme DSP development kit supports hardware cosimulation using the new version of System Generator for DSP as well.

Users can easily incorporate their FPGA hardware directly into Simulink using a JTAG interface. Conversely, they can automatically generate an FPGA bitstream from the Simulink tool and incorporate the FPGA back into the system-level simulation as a runtime block. Such an approach simplifies FPGA-based DSP design.

Developed in conjunction with Nallatech, the enhanced Xtreme DSP development kit supports 14-bit (Msample/s) analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters as well as a three million-gate (2V3000) FPGA. The kit, suited for implementing real-time, reconfigurable signal-processing systems, seamlessly supports hardware cosimulation with the System Generator for DSP tool via its PCI interface.

System Generator for DSP v6.1, available for the Virtex-II Pro and Spartan-3 FPGA families, costs $1995. The Xtreme development kit goes for $2495. A bundle price of $3490 is available.

Xilinx Inc.

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