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DSP Hardware & Software Create Modular Telecomm Systems

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An open, modular approach to building a telecommunication system is represented by ComStruct, which enables users to develop fully integrated systems up to 80% faster than before, it's claimed. The system includes a library of DSP hardware and software modules. Three principal building blocks include the DSP and I/O hardware, FACT (Framework Architecture for Communication Technologies) system management software, and application-specific DSP algorithms. DSP hardware platforms are formed from dedicated DSP boards based on TI's C6000 range of DSPs. Four 200-MHz DSPs reside on the PCI/C6400 and CPCI/C6400 boards for peak processing power of 6400 MIPS. System control is handled by the FACT software, a powerful library of APIs. Rounding the system out are the application-specific software modules, which are optimized algorithms for functions such as modem pools, voice coding, speech recognition, and voice-over IP.

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