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DSP Libraries Support Chips & Boards

A pair of software libraries is available to enhance DSP performance and reduce designers’ time to market. The IXLibs-C6x includes 175 C-callable functions for TI’s TMS320C62x and TMS320C67x DSPs. Within the library is a suite of signal processing, vector and mathematical routines.The ICXtools library complements the firm’s quad C6x CHAMP-C6 board-level products. The tools work with the firm’s Common Heterogeneous Architecture for Multiprocessing (CHAMP), and include all the software necessary to aid application development for one or more boards in a chassis with or without a single-board computer. All software has a C interface, allowing application development without writing assembly language. Much of it is in source code. Both come on CD-ROM.

Company: IXTHOS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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