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DSP Measurement App Streams In Real Time

In addition to providing access to the DT9841 DSP data acquisition board, DT Measure Foundry and RT-Streaming applications are said to be the first DSP measurement tools that can stream data to the host PC in real time. The acquisition board includes a 24-bit a/d converter and d/a converter, 32-bit counter/timers, and triggers. Test and measurement applications are built within DT Measure Foundry, which includes a comprehensive library of application examples and on-line help. It also gives users total access to MATLAB script functionality. The RT Streaming component is said to eliminate difficult and time-consuming coding and compiling, while providing the real-time streaming functions. Price for DT Measure Foundry/RT-streaming is $1,995. DATA TRANSLATION, Marlboro, MA. (508) 481-3700.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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