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DSP Simplifies Development Of Multiprocessing Applications

Optimized for multiprocessing systems, the ADSP-21160 chip is claimed as the world's fastest SHARC digital signal processor. In addition, the firm has introduced a multiprocessing-ready tool chain and 15 board-level products that simplify multiprocessing system design. The DSP integrates on-chip link ports that enable high-speed, chip-to-chip and board-to-board communications using patented technology. Other key multiprocessing features include glueless connection of up to six DSPs in a cluster, distributed bus arbitration, and a unified memory space. The cluster bus and link ports can be used separately or in combination to create limitless multiprocessing topologies. More than 70 multiprocessing tools are available. Development boards, emulators, RTOSs and debuggers are said to make multiprocessing system design simple.


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