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DSP Tools & Libraries Serve SHARC Uses

IXZtools 5.0 is a set of DSP libraries and cross-platform development utilities that are used with Analog Devices' development tools for multi-SHARC DSP applications. Version 5.0 has been integrated with the VisualDSP graphical interface from ADI.The most significant change from earlier versions is the integration of a graphical, multi-session debugger into the IXZ architecture and support for the company's new 16-SHARC VME board (IXZ16). The multi-session debugger permits programs running on the company's boards using the IXZrte (runtime environment) to be symbolically debugged over the VME interface. The current version of the libraries and utilities give users of the firm's boards a powerful, multi-processor development environment that is said to reduce time to market for end products. Application for the boards includes communication, radar, sonar, seismic, and imaging for military system integrators and commercial OEM customers.

Company: IXTHOS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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