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Dual 4-A DC-DC Regulator Comes In Tiny SMT Package

In the LTM4619, designers will find a complete dual step-down dc-dc regulator system, including inductors and MOSFETs, in a tiny surface mount package. The LTM4619 regulates two output voltages ranging from 0.8 V to 5 V at up to 4 A each from an input supply of 4.5 V to 26.5 V (28 V absolute maximum). The outputs are regulated with 180º out-of-phase operation to minimize input-ripple current, thus requiring fewer input capacitors. This complete dual dc-dc system includes all the necessary components for two point-of-load regulator circuits: inductors, bypass capacitors, dc-dc controllers, compensation circuitry and power switches. All components are encapsulated and protected within a plastic surface-mount land-grid-array (LGA) package. Package dimensions are 15 mm x 15 mm with only 2.8 mm of thickness, providing a low-profile point-of-load regulator for more efficient air cooling in densely populated circuit boards. Applications range from avionics and medical systems to data-communications and enterprise equipment. The LTM4619 is available now and costs $16.75 each in lots of 1000. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 432-1900.


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