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Dual-Axis Motion Controller Has RS-232 And Ethernet Ports

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Representing an expansion of the Econo Series of low-cost motion controllers, the DMC-1425 dual-axis motion controller comes with both an RS-232 and Ethernet interface. The motion controller also supports the Modbus protocol for communication with I/O devices. Measuring just 3.75" x 5", the unit controls both step and servo motors, includes linear and circular interpolation for coordinated motion along two axes, and also includes uncommitted digital inputs and outputs and two uncommitted analog outputs. On-board, non-volatile memory can store complete applications, making the controller standalone-capable without the need for a host computer. Additional features include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward and integration limits, multitasking for concurrent execution of two applications, forward/reverse limits and home input, and a high speed position latch. Custom hardware and firmware options are available. Single unit pricing is $695 each; in quantities of 100, the price is $445 each.

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