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Dual-CPU Boards Claimed To Hold First Place In GHz Race

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The CompactPCI-based Atlas-C and VMEbus-based Atlas-V CPU boards each incorporate a pair of 1-GHz Pentium III processors, making them what the company claims are the industry's fastest dual processor boards. Each board is equipped with 256 KB of no-wait-state, on-die cache. And the two processors share up to 1 GB of 100-MHz synchronous DRAM. Cache and memory are linked via a 100-MHz local bus, which is an expansion of Intel's front side bus (FSB).
I/O features include dual 10/100-Mb/s Ethernet interfaces, a 40-MB/s UltraWide SCSI interface, and a 64-bit AGP graphics engine with 4 MB of video RAM optimized for 3-D rendering. Also on-board are two Ultra-DMA 33 IDE interfaces, a pair of USB ports, dual serial I/O with optional RS-422 drivers, and a parallel port. The boards support symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing. Supported operating systems include Windows NT, Solaris x86, QNX and VxWorks. Sans processors and memory, pricing starts at $2,299.

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