Electronic Design

Dual Edge Connectors Handle High Heat

Electronica 2010 – Expanding the company’s offering of high-temperature devices is a full series of double-row, dual-edge connectors. The series is specifically engineered to facilitate board-to-board extensions and to serve as board savers in board stacking and board extension apps without desoldering. The standard dual-row, 2.54-mm pitch connectors accept a 1.57-mm thick PCB in both slots and come with from 5 to 60 contacts per row.  Optionally available are 3.18-mm and 3.96-mm contact center versions with five to 40 pins per row. Operating temperature range spans -65°C to +150°C. Prices for standard Dual Edge Connectors with PBT/phosphor bronze materials range from $19.08 each with five positions to $81.52 each with 60 positions. SULLINS ELECTRONICS CORP., San Marcos, CA (888) 774-3100.

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