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Dual Hard-Drive Card Is Claimed As First For VMEbus

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The Mini DDrive II is claimed as the first VMEbus mass-storage card to feature two IDE hard drives and an LS120 super floppy drive. The board makes it easy for system integrators to add mirrored hard disks and super floppy storage to their VME systems by eliminating the need to bolt the drives to the chassis and install cabling. The field-replaceable card also makes field service easy.The unit occupies a single 6U VME slot and can be configured with either two IDE drives and a standard 3.5" floppy or one IDE drive and an LS120 super floppy. Each 2.5" IDE drive provides a capacity of up to 9.2 Gbytes and is available with factory pre-installed operating systems. The IDE drives, each just 10 mm high, can withstand up to 100g of shock and vibration in harsh industrial environments.The board's microfloppy interface can support a 3.5", 1.44-Mbyte floppy or an LS-120 super floppy. The latter accepts standard 3.5" disks or special media, can store up to 120 Mbytes of data, and transfers that data five times faster than standard drives.

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