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Dual-Pair Schottky Diode IC Saves Board Space

The CMLSH2-4LC dual-pair, low VF Schottky diode IC comes in the space saving SOT-563 surface-mount case. The device has two isolated pairs of 40-V, 200-mA Schottky diodes in a common-cathode configuration, making it the world’s smallest discrete dual diode pair device, according to the company. The CMLSH2-4LC has a VF of only 0.24 V (typical) and a switching speed of 3.5 ns (typical). The six-lead SOT-563 case’s maximum height of 0.6 mm is 45% lower than its predecessor, the SOT-363 (1.1 mm). Overall, the case uses 42% less board space. The device is well-suited for small electronic products, including: cell/smart phones, MP3 music players, medical test equipment, bar code scanners, PDAs, and notebook computers. Pricing for the CMLSH2-4LC starts at $0.12 each for 3000 pieces on 7-in. tape and reel. Samples are available upon request. CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-1110.


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