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Dual-Port Ethernet Controller Breaks Size And Cost Barriers

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With two independent Ethernet ports, the Dual-E single-board computer (SBC) is said to be unrivaled in terms of cost, size and functionality. Designed for applications requiring connection to multiple networks, the new SBC can function as a bridge between separate l0Base-T networks, serve as a firewall/router, or integrate Ethernet and serial connectivity into existing equipment. The board employs a 386Ex processor and DOS. And with serial ports, counter/timers, and interrupt controller, it is PC-compatible at both the hardware and software levels. Other Dual-E features include a watchdog timer, hardware clock and calendar, RS-232/485 serial port, network status LEDs, and several storage options. TCP/IP functionality is provided via the USNET Embedded TCP/IP protocol suite from U S Software. This re-entrant network package is suitable for applications ranging from digital consumer products to industrial controls. Dual-E costs $199 (includes USENET). Development kits containing the SBC, other hardware and cables, Borland C/C++ compiler, libraries, documentation and examples for USNET are also available for $399. JK MICROSYSTEMS, Davis, CA. (530) 297-6073.

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