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Dual-Port PC/104 Card Isolates Data Lines

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Installable in any standard PC/104 motherboard slot or stack, the Model 104-ICOM-2S dual-port PC/104 utility board optically isolates its serial data lines from each other, and from the computer, as a means of assuring smooth, error-free data transmission, even in noisy environments. The two serial ports (RS-422 and RS-485) are based on the 16C550 UART with a 16-byte FIFO, useful for high-speed communication and embedded Windows operating systems. Each port’s protocol is selected by jumpers on the board. And the ports are available via two DB9 male connectors with jack screws to secure connections even where high vibration is encountered. The 104-ICOM-2S card costs $229. For more details, call Marty Wingett at ACCES I/O PRODUCTS INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 550-9559.

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