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Dual PowerPC Processors Power cPCI SBC

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Claimed as the first CompactPCI board to offer the option of single or dual PowerPC 750 processors on a single 6U-sized card, the KGM5 single-board computer offers CPU speeds ranging from 300 to 466 MHz. It supports VxWorks and Linux with other operating system support planned. The board configures itself automatically to function in either the system or peripheral slots of a CompactPCI system. No user intervention is required, eliminating the need to purchase two separate types of boards for a system. The board supports up to 264-Mbyte/s data transfer rates between the motherboard and its PMC modules. Other KGM5 features include hot-swap capability, up to 256 Mbytes of high-speed SDRAM, up to 17 Mbytes of flash, two RS-232 serial ports, a 64-bit local PCI bus, an auto-sensing 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet connection, and an optional 8/16-bit Ultra Wide SCSI port.

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