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Dual Processor PICMG SBCs Ensure Data Integrity

Incorporating two Pentium III CPUs running at up to 800 MHz and a 100-MHz bus speed, the CPWG series single-board computers (SBCs) claim to ensure the integrity of data from a wide variety of a/d, DIO, RS-232, and RS-422/485 sources. In less demanding applications, the SBCs can be outfitted with low-profile socket 370, 700-MHz processors.For applications where cost is a major concern, the boards can be outfitted with Celeron processors running at 600 MHz or 533 MHz. In terms of memory, the boards support up to 1 GB of DRAM via four DIMMs. The Intel 440 BX chipset is incorporated that integrates the floppy-disk controller with two serial ports, one infrared port, and one parallel port. Other features include high-speed 16C550 UARTs that provide 128-bit send and receive FIFO buffers, two USB ports on each board's brackets, and an RJ-45 connector that interfaces with 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LANs. For further information and prices, call CYBERRESEARCH, INC., Branford, CT. (203) 483-8815.

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