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Dual Regulator Has Synchronous/Non-Synchronous Outputs

Both a synchronous and a non-synchronous switcher reside within the CS-5132, a dual-output CPU buck controller IC. Intended for motherboards with Pentium II processors, the device replaces the linear regulator of conventional controller ICs with a switcher to reduce current flow in designs where increased component counts draw larger currents. The IC offers very fast transient response and reduces heat dissipation.The device's synchronous output powers the Pentium II core logic and drives dual external NFETs. In contrast, the non-synchronous side drives a single external NFET and can be used to handle I/O logic. Both controllers use the company's proprietary V2 control logic, which offers 200-ns transient response and high dc accuracy. A host of control features is on the chip to simplify power supply design.


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