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Dual-Side Cooling Power Package Is Industry First

A new power MOSFET packaging technology called DirectFET is claimed as the first surface-mount package in an SO-8 footprint to be designed for efficient top-side cooling. According to the company, the new package doubles the current density in high-current dc/dc converters. And in combination with improved bottom-side cooling, the company says the package cuts MOSFET parts count by up to 60% and shrinks required board space by as much as 50% compared to an SO-8-type package. DirectFET MOSFETs, which stand just 0.7 mm high, are designed for high-frequency, high-current dc/dc converters that will be used, for example, to power next generation Intel and AMD microprocessors in high-end notebooks and servers. The first devices employing the new packaging are 20V and 30V synchronous buck converter chipsets, the IRF6601/2 and IRF6603/4, respectively. Samples are available now, while volume production is slated for Q3 2002. Pricing starts at $0.77 each/10,000. INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. 310-252-7105.


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