Electronic Design

Dual T/H Circuit Fits Ultra-Wideband Acquisition

The RTH020 is a 10-GHz bandwidth, 1-Gsample/s dual track-and-hold (T/H) circuit for ultra-wideband acquisition. Designed for direct sampling of multigigahertz signals, it has a 9-GHz bandwidth for 0.5-V p-p inputs and a bandwidth of over 10 GHz for small signals. This enables sampling of 1-GHz signals with 10-bit precision. A master-slave configuration holds the output signal for nearly an entire clock cycle. The RTH020 features noise of under 1 mV and less than 100-fs aperture jitter. It achieves a 56-dB signal-to-noise ratio as well as a total harmonic distortion of −63 dB for a 500-MHz input signal at a full-scale power of 1 V p-p. For higher frequencies, performance decreases to over 7.2 bits at 3 GHz (0.5 V p-p) and 6 bits at 5 GHz (0.25 V p-p), before showing gain rolloff. The EVRTH020 evaluation kit is available for testing packaged RTH020 performance. The RTH020 packaged chip costs $1050 with discounts available for quantity purchases. The EVRTH020 evaluation board costs $3500 in single-unit quantities.

Rockwell Scientific Company LLC
www.rockwellscientific.com; (805) 373-4545

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