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Dual Varactor Diodes Provide Close Matching And High Q

The ZMDC831BTA and ZMDC832BTA dual common-cathode varactor diodes suit applications requiring close tuner-diode matching. These devices offer high-tolerance C-V characteristics, inherent matching, high Q, low leakage, and low phase-noise performance. With a reverse bias voltage of 2 V, the ZMDC831BTA and the ZMDC832BTA feature nominal capacitances of 15 and 22 pF, respectively. Reverse leakage current is typically as low as 200 pA. Available in the SOT23 package, one ZMDC83x part occupies one-third the board area required for two SOT23-packaged parts. The dual varactors suit use in voltage-controlled oscillators and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCOs and VXCOs), frequency synthesizers, and tuned phase-locked-loop (PLL) tank circuits. The 1000-piece price for the dual varactors is $0.30 each. Delivery is from four to six weeks in production volumes.

www.zetex.com; (631) 360-2222

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