Electronic Design

EDA Software Package Meets Analog Simulation Needs

The IFS Pro software package helps design engineers meet high-speed analog simulation requirements in pc-board, cable, connector IC, and related interconnect media design. The software conducts all of the traditional microwave frequency-dependent port measurements, including S parameters, impedance, and transmission parameters. A unique Lossy Spice network-portable model generator and simulator enables designers to model high-speed frequency-dependent losses in transmission-line systems. The integrated Boundary Element Platform automatically generates an extensive electromagnetic report for any arbitrary geometry. It also augments the various Spice models created. IFS Pro lets users go from geometry through to an electromagnetic analysis, and then simulate with Spice in both the time and frequency domain. The staring price for the IFS Pro package is $10,000.

Interactive Products Corp. www.interactive-products.com; (919) 280-8846

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