Electronic Design

EDA Tool Suites Center On Individual Design Needs

Thanks to tool integration, three OrCAD Windows-based pc-board design flows help improve productivity and reduce time-to-market. OrCAD Unison Ultra Suite targets designers or consultants responsible for an entire pc-board design. It guides designers through the entire design, from schematic entry and simulation to board layout and routing. Included are OrCAD Capture for design entry, PSpice A/D for analog and mixed-signal simulation, OrCAD Layout for pc-board place-and-route, and Spectra for OrCAD for automatic and interactive interconnect routing. OrCAD Unison EE Suite and OrCAD Unison PCB Suite are geared to electrical engineers and pc-board layout designers, respectively. The Unison EE Suite includes OrCAD Capture and PSpice A/D. Capture's configurable Design Rule Check function enables design verification before committing to downstream processes. The Unison PCB Suite contains OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Layout, and Spectra for OrCAD. The OrCAD Unison Ultra Suite costs $9995. The Unison EE Suite and Unison PCB Suite individually cost $5995.

EMA Design Automation
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