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Edge Card And Co-Planar Connectors Handle 12 Gb/s

The EdgeLine family of 12.5-Gb/s edge-card and co-planar connectors are both flexible and scalable for a wide variety of low-to mid-range telecom, computing, and storage applications. The EdgeLine edge-card connectors for vertical insertions feature high-speed differential performance up to 12.5 Gb/s and present a 0.80-mm terminal pitch. They accommodate two board thicknesses, 1.57 mm and 2.36 mm, with a future capability to mate 2-mm boards. Available circuit sizes range from 30 to 294 with or without a center key and the edge-card connectors meet MicroTCA requirements. The EdgeLine co-planar connectors for right-angle insertions accept a 1.57-mm thick PCB with plans to release a 2.36-mm version in the future. They have a terminal pitch of 0.75 mm to accept AdvancedTCA, 170-circuit standard cards. Circuit sizes include 68, 140, 170, 226, and 250 with an optional center key. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.

Company: MOLEX INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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