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Edge Connectors Free Up Board Space

Trimming the fat in terms of space consumption, the CUF series female edge connectors directly connect to a comb-edged male connector built on an appropriate circuit board. Available in side stackable and polarized versions, the series ensures reliable board contact via built-in hooks in the side-stackable configuration. Carrying CE, UL, and VDE approvals, the side-stackable series offers pole pitches of 5 mm and 10 mm, units with two to 16 poles, and support for wire sizes from 12 to 30 AWG. Operating voltages are 300V (UL) and 750V (VDE), both at a current rating of l0A. Polarized versions are available in five to 16 poles for the 5-mm pitch and in two to eight poles for the 10-mm pitch. Operating specs are the same as the side stackable female version and standard color for both is green. Pricing for both the side stackable and polarized units is $0.25 per pole each/500. BLOCKMASTER, Elk Grove Village, IL. (800) 595-8881.


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