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Efficiencies Of 8A Converters Run As High As 93%

The low-profile, high-efficiency S7DB Diamondback DC/DC converter family provides output voltages ranging from 1 to 5 Vdc. The surface-mount module family consists of the S7DB-07A S7DB-08D and S7DB-08C series, with output currents of 7A from a 12V source, 8A from a 5V source, and 8A from a 3.3V source, respectively. Also, the family features modules that can deliver full load efficiencies as high as 93%. Designed to reduce component count and conserve motherboard real estate in high density designs, these non-isolated, step-down converters also boast of a 1.22"L x 0.83"W footprint and a low profile of 0.35". The new dc/dc converters are housed in a 12-pin overmolded DIP package and are compatible with standard pick-and-place and reflow processes commonly used in high volume production. The packaging is also designed to provide excellent thermal performance, even in applications with minimal airflow. The Diamondbacks suit products and systems employing low-voltage silicon, including a wide range of distributed power architecture, data networking and telecomm applications. BEL FUSE INC., Jersey City, NJ. (800) 235-3873.

Company: BEL FUSE INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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